2020 has NOT been a year of ease and flow in my opinion.  This has been a year of intense stress.  Consequently, there has been loss of loved ones due to COVID-19, home schooling, extensive fires in the West, brutal hurricanes in the South West and loss of business.

Some stress is necessary.  However, too much stress has a negative impact. As a result, it affects us physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  So, how can stress be alleviated?  And why would we care to do so?  Keep reading and let’s find out.


Illness, loss of employment, death, divorce and retirement are 5 of the top ten stresses according to the Holmes And Rahe Stress Scale.  Currently more people may have experienced some or all of  these 5 stressors than in recent past years  because of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  Are you curious what your stress scale is?  Test your stress scale here:


Stress affects your Central Nervous System (CNS).  As a result of stress, your body’s communication system (your CNS) can short circuit.  The Reticular Alarm System (RAS) is an important structure of your CNS.  It can get stuck nonstop on “ready” or “high alert” causing muddled communication throughout your body.  This structure is important to your survival.  It is made up of neurons that are interrelated.  These neurons extend from the base of the head (midbrain) down into the spinal cord for varied distances.  The RAS is your body’s “ready alert” system.  When activated it increases your sympathetic nerve activity and adrenaline levels in the blood.  It’s function is to save life.  When the RAS is “stuck” it can create an increase in the occurrences of stress diseases and more rapid aging.  

Is there a way to help the body cope with stressors?  Restore clear communication in your body?  AND prevent future stress related diseases and rapid aging?   “YES”!


Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is the answer!  A light touch, hands-on therapy.  With CST the CNS (the body’s communication system) can be restored.  A Craniosacral Therapist listens with a highly calibrated light touch to the quality of your Craniosacral Rhythm. Your body regulates and maintains this rhythm to feed and nurture your delicate nervous tissue.  The therapist can feel, with the aid of this rhythm, where there are “stuck” tissues caused by stress.  These stuck tissues can cause anxiety, lack of movement, pain and bodily dysfunctions.

In conclusion, during periods of high stress a series of Craniosacral Therapy sessions can therefore help you maintain a healthy Reticular Alarm System. And keeping your RAS healthy is good insurance for a healthy body, mind and spirit!

Begin your road back to balance today!   Visit Total Balance 4 U or Call 954-234-3299.                                                          

Give the gift of health!

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